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The purpose of Diesel engine maintenance is to ensure operation in appropriate conditions, which in addition to providing better equipment performance and productivity avoids the incidence of faults, extending the service life, maintaining the average fuel consumption and pollutant emission levels within the established standards. If we compare the benefits between the maintenance methods and the losses caused by lack of maintenance, the most viable and safest is scheduled maintenance, either predictive or preventive, in order to ensure maximum equipment efficiency within the cost range established, with controlled safety.


For procedural purposes, maintenance is rated in two different types:

1. Preventive Maintenance - Scheduled activities

The purpose of the SEA SERVICES Preventive Maintenance is to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, continuity of businesses, and increase the service life of the equipment, that is, monitor engine performance during operation to ensure that the equipment performs appropriate when required.


The maintenance procedures are scheduled with periodic visits, according to the specific model and operation regime of the engine, resulting in a service map for the next few months. These activities are performed by technicians that specialize in mechanical and electrical services, qualified to inspect the equipment, correct faults, and test appropriate operation.

2. Corrective Maintenance - Flexibility that results in savings and productivity

This procedure allows SEA SERVICES to manage contingencies and solve issues, with the entire tele-diagnosis support structure, technician logistics, and spare parts readily available. The goal is to ensure more flexibility to the customer, and consequently more savings and productivity for its business.


SEA SERVICES conducts periodic visits to perform preventive maintenance, and keeps its technical staff available 24 hours, 7 days a week for eventual emergencies.


To perform all services, our technicians count on a well-dimensioned structure supported by diagnosis equipment, technical literature, and computer information systems, in order to maintain low costs and ensure the quality and productivity according to the standards established by the main manufacturers.


SEA SERVICES has a wide range of tools that allows executing all types of services on engines provided by the manufacturers listed below, with a highly qualified staff with the best training available in the industry. Everything is conducted based on the information provided by each manufacturer.

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